It's been only 13 years since Peter Gabriel released an album of new material, so we probably have a little while to go before he's ready to emerge with his next batch of songs. In the meantime, he's busy on the road, in the studio and -- in a recent Rolling Stone interview -- answering yet another round of questions about the prospect of a Genesis reunion.

Gabriel told the magazine that he's still enjoying his current 'So' tour, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of his landmark 1986 solo album, and still plans to do "a bit more" before he's finished with this particular program. "I only do short tours now of three to four weeks because of family. I'm gonna do one in the spring and probably one in the fall, both in Europe. The second one isn't locked in at the moment," he explained, adding that "I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it, but playing again with [drummer] Manu Katche and [keyboardist] David [Sancious] was really a lot of fun."

Questioned about the release of a concert film from the tour, Gabriel promised one will come out -- eventually. "I think it'll have a very limited film release and then come out as a DVD," he predicted, adding that the process has been complicated because of his decision to film in ultra hi-def 4K resolution. "It actually looks fantastic," he said. "Unfortunately, there's so much data that it messes up the synchronization. So then you have to go back and synch things up by hand. So the disadvantage of being ahead of the technology is that it doesn't always work."

Saying he has "probably 20" songs in various stages of completion, Gabriel was cagey about a release date for his long-discussed next studio album, once titled 'I/O' but now apparently back in the untitled stage. "I really need to stop doing other things and lock myself away for a while," he sighed. "It probably hasn't moved nearly as much as I would have liked to in the intervening time. The songs are still there but some of them I would redo now and there's some new stuff as well ... I keep arranging until the cows come home, which is sometimes a weakness."

Of course, Gabriel isn't the only ex-Genesis member who's contemplating new material -- that list also includes Phil Collins, who recently announced that he's been thinking about ending his retirement. "Good!" enthused Gabriel. "I think he got himself into a bit of a hole, and that's great news he's coming out of it. It doesn't have to involve work, but if it does, that's a great indicator." This led to questions of a Genesis reunion, which Gabriel dodged while refusing to quash completely. "It's never been ruled out," he shrugged. "I'm trying to picture a time when it would top my priorities list, though."

If and when a Genesis reunion does take place, it probably won't happen in 2014. Vintage Vinyl News reports that the group's guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford has a busy year lined up with the release of his upcoming memoir 'The Living Years' as well as a pair of retrospective sets from his longtime side project Mike & the Mechanics.

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