We took a little trip out to Collegeville to check out the Collegeville Orchard.  It just opened for the season recently, and we wanted to get some pumpkins and check out the great variety of apples that they have on hand.

Throughout the season the orchard has 25 different varieties of apples.  When you see the apples, you will probably notice that they are quite a bit smaller than they have been in other years.  You can credit the drought for the smaller apples.  But they still taste great, they just aren't nearly as large as in regular- non drought years.

They do have the favorites like the Honeycrisp, Mcintosh, Sweet Tango and many others, plus a variety of pancake, bread, cookie and cake mixes.  They have so many different jellies, jams, preserves and butter spreads that you will be able to find something that just about anyone will like.  If you love real maple syrup, there are varieties of that as well.

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I personally love the old "church" cookbooks.  These are recipes that your neighbors and friends have collected and added to a cookbook.  The Collegeville Orchard has a lot of these "types" of cookbooks.  So it's great to find some recipes that are like the ones that have been passed down through generations as best loved dishes.

Kids who love animals will enjoy the petting zoo, and feeding some of the animals, as well as getting to paint some of the smaller pumpkins. There are several activities for families to enjoy.  Check out some of the pictures from out at the Collegeville Orchard.


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