Remember Roxie The Snake? Roxie is back! Roxie got lots of attention last year, as a snake built out of rocks next to Sue's Drive-in in Pierz.

This year, they are welcoming everyone to paint a rock and add to it once again, but they've gone a step further.



They have a bucket of unpainted rocks next to Roxie, so you can grab a rock, take it home, paint it; and the next time you come back, you can add a rock to Roxie's body!

If you are wondering exactly where Roxie is located, Alyssa posted on Facebook, "A sign will be up once I make a new one, to make her easier to spot; but she is right on Main Street on the north end of Sue's."

What a fun family activity. You can see the post of Roxie below.

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I'm also hoping that Roxie inspires others across central Minnesota to do the same thing! It's a great way to visit area parks and a fun activity to complete with your kids at home.

As a matter of fact, why not create your own Rock snake around your home? You can put a rock snake around your flower beds, along your sidewalk, or maybe even along your driveway.


I have some fairy gardens set up outside my house, and my mom was NOT a fan of snakes. So I would like to do something similar, but what other kind of creature can I make that will honor my Mom without freaking out her spirit? Maybe she's okay with snakes now; I doubt she has to worry about anything on the other side; but still; do you have any ideas for me? I already paint rocks so maybe I can make some pretty swirly designs. You can see my rocks below.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes












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