We have Poopouri for the toilet that makes it not smell in the bathroom, now there is a a pill that makes your farts smell like flowers and chocolate??  Well, if you have someone on your holiday gift list that is in need of something like this... here is your link.  

Farting is fun
Bob Odenkirk, Getty Images Entertainment

My thought first off is this... stop eating stuff that gives you gas.  And secondly, what if this pill has some strange side affects?  I only ask this because that always seems like the next step.  But the creator has this to say...

...in addition to saving people from potentially embarrassing situations, his pills are also healthy. He claims that his product reduces intestinal gas and bloating because it contains ingredients like vegetable coal, fennel, seaweed, plant resin, bilberry, and cacao zest.

The pills are obviously given as a joke... usually.  But they are also very helpful.  How bad does your flatulence need to be before you are thinking that you need to go to the extreme of taking a pill?  I really think that the issue is more lying with a person's diet.

But, whatever sells the product, I guess.


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