Is Christmas done and over and gone, or do you let it linger just a little bit longer?

That was the subject (in fewer words) for today's Question of the Century:

Like most questions, there was no consensus.

Joshua was first to answer and declared: "Christmas goes for 12 days. Leave them up."

Karen agreed: "Staying longer !!!"

Timothy is on Team Stay, but is flexible on when the deco comes down: "Stays up til New Year's Day, maybe until the weekend after New Year's."

Kelly and Sue have already started on the Yule Yeeting with the end in sight: "1/2 way done taking it down…will be finished tomorrow"

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Jodi broke with tradition this year: "Mine are down but normally up a little longer every year."

Tim is finishing the old year on a Yule note: "January 1st"

Gail is done: "Gone *laugh emoji*"

Jennifer is out, too: "It’s all taken down"

Steven is out, but it didn't take him long: "The two elves are back on their normal locations. That was the extent of my Christmas decorations"

In the Choad household, the decorations get taken down...eventually. This year we kept it basic with a small live tree on the balcony with battery-powered L.E.D. lights and dried grapefruit for decorations. The tree had to go outside because one Aleister Meowly likes to unalive trees.

Seriously, he'll kill them.

...who, little ol' ME?! (image via Choad)
...who, little ol' ME?! (image via Choad)

He's adorable but is also an apex predator of plants and ankles.

An Awesome Day in the Wonderful Life of Aleister Meowly

It ain't easy being the cat of a Choad. Just ask Aleister.

Gallery Credit: Image by Choad

SHREWD: The Most Overrated Christmas Traditions Ever!

As the great philosophers Itchyus and Scratchyus postulated: "Let's fight. Let's fight. Let's fight let's fight let's fight. Fight fight fight. Fight fight fight."
Profound, right? Today's Question of the Century on The Loon Morning Show involved Christmas traditions...that are overrated.

Gallery Credit: Choad

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