There have been so many stories about people who have been using the diabetes 2 drug Ozempic for weight loss.  We've seen a bunch of celebrities talking about the miracle of this drug kick starting their weight loss journey.  And many are saying that you don't even have to exercise.  That is probably not a good idea, since anytime you want to maintain weight loss, you do need to exercise.

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Anyway, Ozempic has been very expensive and also very hard to get in some cases.  Probably one of the reasons why celebrities have been using it... they have a lot more money and resources than the regular people, like us.

If you ACTUALLY need the drug for diabetic reasons or for a heart/stroke reason, you can get your insurance to cover the cost of the drug, but since so many people have been taking it for weight loss, there has been a shortage.  The people who actually need it have, in some cases, have had a hard time getting it.

Now, Costco has announced that they will be carrying the coveted drug.  They will have it in both the injectable and in the pill form.

There does seem to be a catch.  While normally, people who use the Costco pharmacy can expect some significant savings, this is not necessarily the same when it comes to Ozempic.  First, you need to join a program.  Costco has joined in a partnership with the health startup Sesame.  Then members will have to pay $179 for a prescription and an appointment as part of a 3 month package.  But wait... that still does not cover the cost of the actual drug which can sometimes run around $1600 a month with no insurance coverage.

So, available, yes.  Still costly? Definitely yes!

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