Ah, good ol' Nimrod.  I pass by the sign every summer weekend on my way up Detroit Lakes way.  I used to wonder how they ever came up with a name like Nimrod. Growing up, nimrod was always a derogatory name to call someone but after further investigation, it turns out it means something like "great hunter".

Credit: Baxter

I have never spent any time in Nimrod but I assume there isn't an abundance of excitement most days there.

This last Sunday may have been an exception.  About 3:30 Sunday afternoon the Wadena Sheriff's Department got a call from the Nimrod Bar from someone saying they had found, what appeared to be a mortar shell.

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So, what do you do when you are out with your metal detector and you get a hit, only to find that you have found none other than an old mortar shell?  Well, of course, you bring it immediately down to the Nimrod Bar. Everybody knows that.

The Crow Wing County Bomb Squad was notified about the possible live mortar shell and showed up at the Nimrod Bar and took possession of the mortar.  The bomb squad figured the found mortar shell was probably from the Korean War.

Photo Credit: Wadena County Sheriff's Department

One might wonder how a mortar shell from the Korean War wound up in none other than Nimrod, Minnesota.

The Crow Wing Bomb Squad wasn't able, at the time, to determine if the mortar shell was live or not.  The mortar will be disposed of in a safe manner, according to the Crow Wing Bomb Squad.

The Nimrod Bar should have some t-shirts printed up saying "I ALMOST HAD A  BLAST AT THE NIMROD BAR"


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