Stephen Tanko
Stephen Tanko

A voluntary recall has been issued on a popular brand of automotive anti-freeze products.  According to details released by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission,  wide-variety of anti-freeze products sold under the Prestone brand label are being recalled due to concerns that the packaging for certain, specific lots doesn't meet child resistant packaging requirements. Fourteen different varieties of Prestone anti-freeze products are involved in the recall.

The concern is with the caps on the top of the bottles.  According to the U.S. CPSC, the bottle caps weren't "rotated enough" during the manufacturing process.  Because they weren't twisted on far enough, they didn't pass the locking-trigger-mechanism that makes the opening child-proof; the bottles can easily be twisted off without any of the child-safety locking mechanism preventing it from happening.

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Consumers are urged to immediately check their garages for the affected Prestone products - especially if they have small children in their home.  To remedy the situation, you're asked to simply twist the cap beyond the child-safety-lock mechanism to make sure that it's safely closed.  Due to the nature of the recall (i.e. there isn't anything wrong with the product - it simply needs to be closed tightly) the manufacturer isn't requesting people to return the bottles to the store.  Once the cap is tightly closed beyond the child-safety-lock, there is no longer an issue.

The recall is broad in nature and affects the entire Prestone anti-freeze family of products - sold between January 2020 and May 2020. Specific Prestone products affected include:

  • Prestone 50/50 Antifreeze
  • Prestone Concentrate Antifreeze
  • Prestone Command Nitrite Free 50/50
  • Prestone Heavy Duty Antifreeze 50/50
  • Prestone AMM 33% Export Antifreeze
  • Autozone AMAM 50/50 Antifreeze
  • Autozone COncentrate 50/50 Antifreeze
  • Highline AMAM "Prime Guard" 50/50 Antifreeze
  • HIghline AMAM "Prime Guard" Concentrate Antifreeze
  • Supertech Antifreeze Pre Diluted
  • Supertech Antifreeze
  • Prime Antifreeze AMAM
  • Prime AMAM 50/50 Antifreeze
  • Starfire Antifreeze AMAM 50/50

Click here to see the complete list and to see the Model Numbers, Date Codes, and bottle packaging images.

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