Our overprotective friends at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has some tips to keep your kids safe when trick-or-treating Saturday.

Among them:


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Glow Stick Poisoning - Glow sticks help you keep track of your brood, but make sure the sticks stay out of your kids mouths. The glow "stuff" isn't toxic, but can be irritating. If swallowed, give them something sweet to drink (easy, right?) and monitor them. If it gets on the skin, simply rinse with room temperature (approximately 70 degrees) water for ten minutes. If the irritation persists, call poison control at (800) 222-1222.




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Contact Lenses - The effect is cool, but over-the-counter fake contact lenses can be harmful. They aren't fitted for your kid's eyes (causing irritation), and may not be sterilized, which can lead to infection. Either splurge on optometrist-approved contacts, or go with glasses.





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Face Painting - Paint away, but be aware of the source of your paint. Paint manufactured overseas can contain lead, which can lead to serious problems.

Also, careful with paint around your child's eyes. If it's raining (which it's not supposed to this Saturday) or if your child sweats (trick-or-treating can be hard work!), children will have a tendency to wipe at their eyes.




And, of course, know where your kids are at all times and have fun!

The CDC has a thorough list of safety measures available to likely ignore.