Psychic Tiff has been a part of The Loon family for over 10 years and is a dear friend to both Baxter and myself. On the afternoon of Friday January 18th Tiffany suffered a massive stoke. For those of you who have not had the chance to get to know Tiffany, she is the most loving, beautiful, vibrant person I have ever known. She has spent her whole life graciously helping others, and now it's our turn to help her.

I will never forget the first time I met Tiff. Baxter had told me multiple stories about his experiences with this psychic named Tiffany. I being the cynical skeptic that I am, wasn't buying it. He was adamant about how much he believed in her gifts, but this was one of those things I was going to have to see to believe.

Every time Baxter talked about Psychic Tiff I had this picture in my mind of what she looked like: late fifties, short curly brown hair, a little plump. In my mind she was always wearing a long flowy skirt and an over-sized top (kind of hippie style) with no make-up...she was very earthy. So clearly I had the shock of a lifetime when she walked into the Loon studio one Friday morning in May a couple years back.

She was young, and blonde, and tall, and slim, and stylish - downright gorgeous, AND she was carrying a Birkin bag (I know most of you have no idea what a Birkin bag is, nor do you likely care, but let's just say this girl has taste) which made me instantly jealous of her and love her at the same time. A warm greeting from the beautiful Tiffany followed her entrance, I proceeded to gush over her bag, and we were instant BFF's.

I won't go into detail because it's quite a lengthy story, but it was that day I became a believer in Tiffany's psychic abilities. More importantly, it was that day that I was blessed with an amazing friend.

As I stated earlier Tiffany suffered a massive stroke back on January 18th. Within the first two days Tiffany underwent two life saving operations on her brain, one of which left her with a portion of her skull removed to allow her brain to swell without doing more damage.

Tiff spent several days in the ICU and several more in the progressive care unit. She did finally stabilize enough to be moved to a standard care room and the doctors were finally able to determine the extent of her injuries. According to Tiffany's recovery fan page on Facebook: About 2/3 of the right brain hemisphere had died due to lack of oxygen. Tiff was paralyzed on her left side and had no feeling in or use of her left arm and left leg. Her speech was almost non existent and there appeared to be serious vision problems. Her family was told some of the symptoms may improve as the brain swelling subsided.

12 days after her stroke Tiffany finally progressed enough to be moved into the rehabilitation center where she still remains today. There is obviously much more to Tiffany's story, and her family has gone to great lengths to make sure everyone who loves her is up to date on her current condition through and

Tiffany is one of the bravest people I have ever known, so it is no surprise to me that she refuses to give up or give in to this and she is making miracles every day. Please help Tiffany on her road to recovery by donating to her recovery fund. Any and all donations will help and are greatly appreciated.

We love you Tiff!