There are several parks around St. Cloud.  And most of them are taken care of by a grounds keeper, or the city, or there is some sort of tree trimmer. The playground equipment is generally taken care of by the city, or they hire someone.  The parks with pools generally have some sort of a pool maintenance team.  This is a normal situation.  No problem with this.

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Here is the question:

The trails that are in the woods around Tiffany Park, Oak Hill Elementary, Pheasant Run area.  Who maintains those trails/trees/grounds?

Living around that area, as I do, there are trees down frequently.  There are also a ton of dead trees in that area.  I know that the city does do something there, as there are signs pointing walkers in directions they may want to go with landmarks.  The only time I see that trees are moved after they fall and completely block the trail is when someone (meaning someone who lives in the area) goes in with a chainsaw and takes care of it themselves.  It does provide the benefit of firewood for a fire pit, however.  And yes, I realize that you do need a permit from the city to have a fire pit.

Is this supposed to happen? Residents taking care of the maintenance of the trails, or are we supposed to call the St Cloud Park and Rec department and ask for someone to come and take care of it?  I looked at the website, and there is no clear answer there. Also, no one returned a call after I tried to get an answer that way.

There has to be more inquiring minds than just me, so... what are we supposed to do?  Also, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

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