Recently we have all seen the warnings about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough.  It's even now printed on the packages, if you buy the pre-made stuff.  I have tried this and regular cookie dough that I have actually mixed together myself.  I'm still kickin'. So is everyone else I know that has done that.  In college I remember my roommates and I saying that it was like the best snack ever!

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So, what is the deal?  Has it changed over the years or is it just now being brought to our attention?  It seems that it isn't just the eggs that are int he dough that is an issue, seems that it is also the flour.  It could have come into contact with bacteria while in the field, and as far as the eggs go- if you use the raw pasteurized ones, that's a bit safer.

But I still ask... has anyone you know actually gotten sick from eating this stuff?  Are they just playing it safe because it COULD happen?:

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