Moondance Rock Weekend, formerly Moondance Jam, has announced most of their lineup.

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After the change up, and the announcement that they would be ending Moondance Jam. they came back the next year with a revised edition of Moondance.  Now called Moondance Rock Weekend.  The festival is a bit smaller, and is only Thursday through Saturday, which is one less day that Moondance Jam was.

This year, the festival is planned for Thursday, July 18th through Saturday July 20th.

Thursday's Lineup features Foghat as your headliner.  Also The Sweet and former lead vocalist for Journey, Steve Augeri.

The lineup for Friday has not yet been filled.  So far the headliner will be Kansas.  Support band so far is Blue Oyster Cult.  And Saturday will be Creed as your headliner and the rest of the Summer of '99 tour with Switchfoot and Finger Eleven.

If you would like to get tickets for this year's festival, discount tickets are available.  This is just for a limited time.  The prices are set to go up basically once a month until the show.

VIP has been replaced with the "no name bar".  The amenities are the same as they were in previous years.  The name has just changed, and has also replaced the "backstage bar".

If you want to pick out merch prior to the festival and have some current as well as past Moondance apparel, you can also purchase that ahead of time on their website

Keep track of what bands are being added through their website as well as time gets closer.  But it would be a great idea to purchase your tickets now for the best deal that you can get at this time, and camping options.

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