Google.  It's a thing we all use to find out any sort of information.  If you don't know something, just "Google" it.  Funny how Yahoo never took off like that.  You would never say "Hey, Yahoo that question".  That just sounds odd.  Google.  Our source for any information.  That includes spelling, random trivia, geography, basically anything you need an answer to, Google helps you out.

But, admittedly, sometimes there are some "stupid" questions.  What I mean by that is the question that the general population might have the reaction of "You didn't KNOW that?"  The most Googled question in Minnesota has me asking that question.

"Hey Google, is FUNNER a word?"  Seriously?  FUNNER??  Didn't we all learn that in elementary school?  Well, apparently not because that was the most Googled question a couple of years ago in Minnesota.

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With all due, some of the other "most Googled" questions from other states didn't seem much better.  Texas question was "Where is the Internet".  Idaho asked if Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. And Florida wants to know why everyone hates them.  So, there might be some other seemingly stupid questions.  The thing I'm stuck on is the fact that these questions are the MOST Googled questions in a particular state.

The survey also showed the most "Should I..." question in Minnesota was "Should I Cut My Hair".  Why would you ask Google that question?  And it wasn't just a couple of people it was quite a few... and it wasn't just Minnesota.  That question was popular in several states.

The questions I usually Google are distances and spelling.  But that's me.  What's your most Googled question?

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