This morning on the show Baxter and I were discussing proposals. Scrutinizing how some men choose to make it very public, and pretty much judging every man who has ever said those four crazy words: "Will you marry me"?

We then proceeded to come up with our opinions on why men pop the question, and I created a list. Following, is what Baxter and I came up with, but by all means, feel free to add your own ideas at the bottom!

So men, when it comes time for you to get down on one knee, consider the real reason you are proposing (maybe one listed below, or possibly something different) then instead of doing things the "normal" way, grab a post-it note, and write this: because (insert honest reason) will you marry me?

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Because your Dad is rich, will you marry me?

Because I'm not getting any younger, will you marry me?

Because your sister is hot, will you marry me?

Because I feel obligated, will you marry me?

Because I don't think I can do better, will you marry me?

Because I truly believe that you, me, and your trust fund will be very happy together, will you marry me?

Because I'm sick of hearing you whine, will you marry me?

Because you scare me, will you marry me?

Now you're catching on! See doesn't it feel so much better to just be honest. OK, now you try it, write your reasons below. I can't wait to see this!