It's a day we will never forget. The US attacked on our own soil. Almost three thousand killed and we just knew that things would never be the same.

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The morning of 9/11 Laura and I were having our normal morning show stuff when our newsman, At about 7:50 AM Dick Nelson came into the studio with the news.

At first, there was some confusion. Was it simply a plane crash? Maybe a plane off course and collided with one of the Twin Towers?  Shortly after 9 AM we knew it was an attack after the second plane hit the other tower.

The only good thing about that whole week was seeing the generous outpouring from our Loon listeners.

Laura and I stayed on the air a couple of days after the attack for almost 40 hours straight, raising much needed money for the Red Cross. The response from Loon listeners was unbelievable. We managed to raise over 70 thousand dollars in a short time, thanks to the generosity of a lot of great Loon listeners.

We'll never forget that day or the way you all stepped up to help any way you could.

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