This has got to be the worst thing ever.  I actually think that robocalls are worse than regular telemarketing EVER was.  And full disclosure, I used to be one of those telemarketers.  I know how to get rid of them.  That is, when you are talking to an actual person.  You don't just hang up, they will just call back another time. You would literally have to ask them to remove you from any sort of call list that you might be on.  Done and end of story.  BUT now, with this system, it's a scam, or they have your information because of what you said, or they track your cell phone, or any number of other craziness that can happen.

Phone Call - Denys Prykhodov-Getty Stock-ThinkStock

Well, now there might be an answer to your end of robocall prayers.

I'm sure there will be some sort of snag here or there.. .but this idea is the best I have heard in awhile.

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End to robocalls?  I'm IN!!!

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