Several big name Brit rockers are asking to stop Internet piracy and guess what isn't mentioned.

Pete Townshend of The Who and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame are two of the eleven artists who have signed a letter to the British Government asking them to crack down on Internet piracy, but money isn't mentioned.

The letter is being written to British Prime Minister David Cameron saying, "as a digitally advanced nation whose language is spoken around the world, Britain is well-positioned to increase its exports in the digital age." Oh. OK. I see. It's about exports.

They're asking for stronger copyright laws and for "broadband providers, search engines and online advertisers play their part in protecting consumers and creators from illegal sites." Oh. OK. I see. It's about us getting access to your music. Do you think that people are trying to look for new music by classic rock artists because there's really no place besides the Internet to get it?

Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen and Elton John have also signed the letter. If you'd like to read it, click HERE.

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