I think I have a pretty interesting blend of heritage. I’m mostly German and Native American. You can’t really tell that I have any Native American in me, as I have pasty white skin and blue eyes (although it would explain my preoccupation with shamanistic studies.)

But I can definitely tell that I’m German. Not just because of my physique, but also because I can drink like a fish. Needless to say, I’m excited to celebrate my German heritage at Rocktoberfest next month. It’s taking place on Saturday, September 29th at 5 pm. There will be authentic German food, beer and games.

The evening starts off with a Polka Mass at Saint Joseph Catholic Church followed by an authentic German meal and live polka music in the beer hall starting at 5:45 PM. The beer hall will feature music from “The Bavarian Musikmeisters,” German, local craft and domestic beer choices as well as non-alcoholic and  alternative beverages. The price for the authentic German meal is $30 and entrance to the beer hall is only $15.

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