ROCKVILLE - The Rockville City Council is looking for ways to get its citizens more involved with local government.

One of the ways the council is helping people get more involved is by offering them a chance to join the ordinance review task force.

Council Member Jerry Tippelt says they have a few different committees on the task force volunteers can join.

"We have a residential, agriculture and commercial committees on the task force. We are looking for the public to sit on these committees and help us update our ordinances."


The city ordinances have been talked about for a while as something that needed to be updated. Tippelt says if they need to be updated then everyone should be able to have their input heard.

"As many as want to come. We want all the minds possible and we believe everyone should have a say-so on the matter."


If you live in the city of Rockville and would like more information on how you can join the task force, you are asked to call the Rockville City Hall at 320-251-5836.

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