We, as Minnesotans, love to hang out and take advantage of the weather that we get during the summer months.  We all try and pack as much as we can into the 4 months or so of warmer weather that we get in Minnesota.

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The 4 months might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it can get to feel like that.  We seem to get 6 months of winter, and the other 3 seasons can be packed into the other 6 months.  This year was a little different, we kind of had a version of Spring all Winter long.

Now we are officially into the Spring season, and Summer looks like it might be showing up this weekend.  Forecast shows 70s for the weekend, get out and enjoy,  And since you will be in the mood, think about some of the fun things that will be happening this summer with outdoor events.

Canterbury Park has announced their events schedule, and there is a plethora of things to enjoy.  There is the Kentucky Derby party which is happening May 4th, which is the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky, but you can celebrate and watch the race right here in Minnesota at Canterbury.  There is also a Junk Bonanza and a Spring Festival happening this month of April.

There is also a rodeo.  That event happens in July.  Before that, start making plans for the Concert at the Park series.  So far that includes Night Ranger and Hairball in June, .38 Special and Craig Morgan in August.  There is also Wednesday night racing in July band September.  This is just naming a few of the events.  You can see the entire event schedule on their website.  

So, if you are looking to fill your summer with lots of outdoor events, music, racing and more, Canterbury Park in Shakopee is a great option.

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