The Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane had its premiere in New York City early this week and now tonight, the rest of us who weren't lucky enough to be there at the premiere with the band (or even alive for their first concert) can take a look into their history as we wait for a future tour. 

The Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane is making its television debut tonight on HBO.

Crossfire Hurricane, directed by Brett Morgen celebrates the Stones' half century together as it follows the group for two years during their early days playing smaller club gigs around Europe. Mick Jagger talked to the New York Post and he says that it brings the viewer back to, "a younger, perhaps gentler America. An America where only IBM and the military had computers. Where there were no smart phones, no e-mails" and really who today doesn't want to go back to that? Of course with the latest on the General David Petraeus scandal changing hour by hour, Mick couldn't help but insert himself into what was going on by adding that the 60's were a, "simpler America, where we didn't read other people's e-mails, so we didn't know four-star generals were having affairs."

Rolling Stones just released their latest greatest hits compilation, GRRR on Tuesday and they're doing five dates between now and the end of the year. The last of which can be seen on Pay Per View December 15.

Crossfire Hurricane airs tonight at 8pm Central on HBO.


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