Well this is a concept, isn't it?  Order nicely, or you may be charged as much as double or more depending on how rude or how nice/polite you are.

With the way people have been, super cranky since the pandemic... (have you noticed)?  This includes everything from yelling at fast food workers, road rage that has been beyond compare, Just a couple weeks ago there was a situation on I-94 near Avon where someone was so upset they actually shot at the other driver.  Things are out of control.

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This is apparently happening all over the world.  Not just here in Minnesota.  So, a cafe owner in England took it upon himself to start charging people based on how they order.  If you order politely, your coffee would be the cheapest it has ever been. If you order less than polite or in a demanding way, you could be charged double the price, or even more.

And it's not like this policy is hidden.  There is a big sign that lets you know what the price is depending on how you order.  So far, it's been working perfectly.  Everyone is much more polite in general.  That was the goal, to hopefully make people more aware of being polite in their lives.  And hopefully this will move on to other aspects of their lives.

I think we could all use a little more "Minnesota Nice".  Stop with the cranky, already.

Do you think this would work here or do you think it would have almost the opposite affect?

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