Clockwork Angels is really resonating with fans. Not just sonically, but visually as well.


The new book, Clockwork Angels that tells the back story of the Rush's latest album of the same name is nearing the top of the best seller charts.

The book was released two weeks ago and was largely written by drummer Neil Peart and Neil says that the album has a really great and huge back story about how they came up with the idea and sound for the record and fans are really interested in finding out where this all came from and how the concept of "steam punk and alchemy" was born.

Neil collaborated with science fiction writer Kevin Anderson to create the story of Clockwork Angels and Neil tells SciFiPulse that, "the plot came together as the lyrics were finished." Kevin says everything really came together once he heard the rough mixes of the songs and that's when he got down to business on the writing.

Neil says that the album and the book go together, but the book is so good that even people who aren't fans of the group will enjoy it, but the ultimate experience that will complete the album for fans is listening to the album while reading.

Maybe you can bring the book along to their concert Monday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Clockwork Angels the novel is currently at number 18 on the Best Seller list.