I love looking at pictures and now there's a new book titled Photograph that captures over 250 never before seen photos and it's a must see.

Former Beatle Ringo Starr had a huge hit with the song Photograph, so now he’s showcasing his talents as a photographer with a new book that shares the same title.

The book is a hard cover, limited edition and is part of the Photograph Portfolio print series that features over 250 rare and never before seen photos that came directly from Ringo’s personal collection. It’s also personal in the way that Ringo captions each moment and describes the memories and people in the picture.

The electronic version of the book has been out since this summer, but Genesis Publications took a little longer to put together the actual, physical book.

There are only about two thousand copies available and they are all personally signed by Ringo himself. The cost is $560, but it’s for a good cause. All of the proceeds are going to Ringo’s Lotus Foundation.