The accompanying book to Rush's latest album, Clockwork Angels it hitting stores today.

Rush has been more than just a great band making wonderful music and awesome noise. They make a huge sound for just three guys and drummer Neil Peart wants their latest album to be more than just an album. Clockwork Angels was conceived by Neil and has a huge back story and it's now being told to you in book form.

Neil admits that he did employ sci-fi writer Kevin J. Anderson to help out with the "heavy lifting" when it came to crafting the story, according to Rolling Stone. He says that even though Kevin did a lot of the actual writing, Neil was involved in everything including the "shape and the mood" of the book.

Clockwork Angels: The Novel comes out today, but that's not all that's in store for fans of Neil. Yes, they will be performing it on stage, and yes, you can read the story in book form, but Neil says that he wants to see Clockwork Angels On Ice.

Yes, you read that right. Neil wants unitard clad skaters prancing and triple Salchowing along to the music. I say just wait two years until the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and get your wish that way.

In all seriousness though, Neil says that he would like to see an ice capades version of their album and he also thinks that Cirque du Soliel would "be amazing" and he would also like to see Clockwork Angels come to Broadway. It worked for Green Day, so why not? For that, he would ask the help of friend Matt Stone who is the co-creator of South Park and also did the Tony Award winning musical Book of Mormon.

Rush kicks off their tour this week in New Hampshire. They will be performing at the Target Center on September 24.

Would you go see Clockwork Angels in anything else other than concert form?