The former lead singer of Skid Row says his autobiography is "Insanely insane" and that may be so, but will he actually write it and would you read it? 

Sebastian Bach says that he was extended a "very nice offer" to write his autobiography and he claims it would be "one hell of a book" and that his life would make Motley Crue seem tame, but he said that the thought of sitting down and putting pen to paper is "overwhelming".

So, what about getting some help to write it? Sebastian says he wouldn't want to work with anyone on the project like a co-author or ghost writer. He adds that he knows others have done it, but he thinks that the autobiographies from the likes of Dee Snider and Duff McKagan are "amazing" so if he did write a book, he'd write it alone.

Other rock stars have written memoirs and from what I've heard they're good, but sometimes I wonder how many of them embellish or fictionalize certain situations because they don't exactly remember what happened. Keith Richards, I'm looking at you.