Ok, gotta be honest, I don't care if any of the vehicle restrictions have been lifted from Upper Red Lake.  I just don't feel safe driving on a lake supposedly covered with "safe" ice.  That's just me.  I know, people do it all of the time, but people also either have to be rescued or even die from walking or driving on supposed "safe ice".  But you do you.

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The restrictions went into place on December 30th.  Ice was not safe, and people needed to be rescued - as what seems to happen on this lake every year... or at least for the last few.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's office said that the ice has now shifted and locked up, so is now "safe" and the vehicle restrictions have been lifted.  They also added that caution still needs to be taken as no ice is completely safe, and some areas may be much less stable than others on the same lake.

"Ice can never be considered 100% safe," the agency wrote. "Whether you walk or operate vehicles on the ice, check the thickness and quality frequently." 

I know people like to ice fish, and there are several fishing tournaments that happen throughout the winter months.  But I just never feel safe.

As a guideline, how thick does ice need to be for walking, driving. sitting on, using an ATV, or a fishhouse, or whatever... the DNR has a guide for you.  


And of course, sometimes it's hard to see how thick the ice is. Clear ice is the best, and the most stable.  But that is sometimes hard to come by.  Be safe!

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