SAUK CENTRE (WJON News) -- The first all-electric personal watercraft is being sold at a central Minnesota dealership.

Centre PowerSports & Marine is the first to sell Taiga Motors's Orca Carbon personal watercraft.

Owner Eric Peterson says it has three settings to choose from, 90-horsepower, 120-horsepower or 160-horsepower. It has a top speed of 62-miles-per-hour and the battery lasts about two hours.

And, Peterson says at the end of the season, there's very little to do for winterization...

The one thing we've been talking about here at the shop is that when you start talking about dollars, and when it comes to winterization, you literally pull the plugs out of the back, charge the battery and you're done. You park it, you're done. No bringing it to the shop for a winterization.  Our shop is full right now winterizing watercraft.

The carbon hull model retails for about $26,000.

Peterson says he hears a lot of complaints about the noise of personal watercraft, but the all-electric model is silent.

Centre PowerSports & Marine will showcase the machine at an open house on October 28th.

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