I think just about everyone has seen the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," whether it's the one from the 70s with Gene Wilder or the more recent one with Johnny Depp.  We are all familiar with the "search for the Golden Ticket" in order to win a tour of the infamous and secluded candy factory.

Now, the founder and owner of Jelly Belly jelly beans is holding his own "Willie Wonka" contest. The guy's name is David Klein and he is getting ready to retire.  And apparently thought that this was a good way to retire, and have his company go to someone else.  He mentioned that this was always what he wanted to do -- eventually give the company to a complete stranger -- Willie Wonka style.

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This time, it won't actually be a golden ticket, it's going to be necklaces.  They are going to be hidden in all 50 states.  You need to pay $50 to join the scavenger hunt.  After joining the hunt this fall, you will be given clues to find the prize valued at $5000.  The winner will also get paid tuition to a sort of "candy university" to learn all about the business.

And check this out- everyone who buys a ticket to the scavenger hunt, will also receive a pack of CBD infused jelly beans. There ya go -- it's a WIN-WIN!  What have you got to lose other than the $50 investment.  So, why not?

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