Over the past week, central Minnesotans have taken the poll to see just how honest we are with our doctors about our lifestyles.

Check out the results here!

Coming up tomorrow, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. Also, in November, I have my yearly physical. So it made me curious to see how many people are actually honest with their doctor when they ask questions about their lifestyles. Maybe people don't want them to know about their bad habits (smoking, bad diet, lack of exercise) or maybe they are 100% truthful. So, with our poll, we got the results below!

  • 100%! Absolutely. I do not hide ANYTHING from my doctor. (29.63%)
  • 99.99% (33.33%)
  • I would say 50/50 (18.52%)
  • Heck no! He would die if he knew about my real life! (18.52%)

People in central Minnesota are WAY MORE honest then what we originally thought!

Maybe we should take that as a sign to be more honest with our own doctors! Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!

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