Anyone else feel like winter is dragging on longer than usual this year? I know, I know, we aren't even through January yet, so we've got a long way to go. Pretty sure every year around this time, here in Minnesota we start to get into a funk or at least I do.

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The sun hasn't been seen in what feels weeks, even if it's been a few days. It's about that time too for many of us to head out of the cold and somewhere warm for a much needed vacation escape. But it never starts out like this, does it?

We start out praying for snow, so we can have a beautiful and Merry Christmas. Then the holidays are done and we are reminded again that it's cold, it's snowing and we aren't even half way through.

Granted there are several things to keep a person occupied, with lots of outdoor activities from skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, skating and more. But there are days for me, like today, where I dream of warmer weather and being out on the lake. Anyone else with me at all? I'm not trying to wish the days away, just wishing more to get out of my funk.

So to help lift my spirits I went searching on social media for cute or funny. Funny is what I found and I feel it sums up Winter in Minnesota pretty much perfectly and made me feel not so alone today in not enjoying the cold at the moment. See what you think:

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Probably made me laugh harder than it should, but I see many felt my sentiments, while others did bring up a good point or two. Such as:

and one last truth bomb:

So yeah it is what you put into it and mindset...but I could still use a little more sun. Anyone else?

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