Have you seen these stickers on people's mailboxes and wondered what they were for?  They actually serve a very special purpose, and if you see them, you are to leave them alone.  They are put there as instructions and/or warnings for the postal carriers.

Most of the stickers are to make a postal carrier aware that there is a pet on the premises.  This just lets the carrier know to watch for that situation if they are having to walk a package up to the door of the owners home.

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The stickers for pet notification are generally yellow or orange.  Possibly even wth a paw on the sticker.  It then becomes fairly obvious that is what the sticker means.

Yesterday in St. Cloud, I ran across a few mailboxes with a pink sticker.  There was no clear indication, after some research, what the pick sticker notation is for.  It could be a pet signal, or it could be a signal for a certain publication delivery.  Either way, it's best to leave the sticker in it's place.

If you happen to get a new mailbox to replace the current one, there may be some delay in receiving a publication you are used to receiving.  On one of the forums talking about what the stickers are for on a mailbox, there was a mention of getting a delay on the publication until a sticker had been replaced.

The recommendation is that if you do change out your mailbox, maybe replace the sticker if there is one on your current mailbox. This may make things go a bit smoother with mail delivery.  There has been so much controversy regarding timing with the mail system, you don't want to mess that up with something as simple as a sticker misplacement or removal.  So, if you see a sticker, no matter what color it is, maybe just leave it there.  If you are really concerned about it, you can also give your local post office a call, or just research online.

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