About a month ago, I posted some videos that had drone footage of New York, L.A., and San Francisco. It was very eerie to see what usually are busy and active cities, practically devoid of any activity. I was hoping someone would do that for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Someone finally did, and it's just as creepy as those other videos.

It's like something out of a movie about the end of the world. Like everybody just disappeared.  If I were a filmmaker, I would want to make sure to get my hands on this footage and those other videos from other cities that look like this. It would be great for future apocalyptic movies and TV shows, and it would not require much additional CGI.

If you've watched the original Twilight Zone, you might remember episodes where someone wakes up and finds themselves in an empty city. I would watch them, and at first, it seems it might be pretty cool because I can do what you want. But eventually, you start to realize it's probably not that great after all. This video gives me that feeling I had watching those types of episodes. It's a very lonely feeling.

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