Someone with a lot of time on their hands... wait...that could almost be any of us, has released supposedly previously unreleased bloopers from the show Seinfeld.


And since we all would like some levity at this time, this might be just what you need right now.

The quality is not great... but still worth the 80 min watch.

“The video quality is pretty lousy, but most of these bloopers didn’t make into the official Seinfeld DVD blooper reels,” the fan wrote on YouTube.

“This video was ripped from a DVD produced in 2000, and consists of unseen bloopers and outtakes from many seasons of Seinfeld.

“I suspect this DVD was a bootleg copy of a Seinfeld blooper disc distributed to the cast & crew soon after the series ended.”

However this was obtained... it's pretty funny, especially if you were a Seinfeld fan and watched it.  And it still seems that any situation could be put into a Seinfeld episode somehow.  The show about "nothing".  Who knew that would work?

If you would like some more tidbits that you may or may not have known about Seinfeld before check this out...

Stay safe and healthy!

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