The latest crazy headline from MSNBC making news across the country is of a grandfather in Florida who let his 10 year old grandson (who he has custody of) get a tattoo.

In the video the grandfather explains it is customary in his family to get your initials tattooed on your body, so when the 10 year old asked if he could follow suit, the grandfather took him to the tattoo parlor.

The child was taken from the grandfather by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services, who claim their reasoning for removing the child from the home was not because of the tattoo, but for other undisclosed reasons.

I don't care who's consent you have, I think it should be illegal to get a tattoo until you're 18. What do you think? Should it be OK to get a tattoo under the age of 18 as long as you have consent from your legal guardian? Or do you agree with me - no tattoos before 18?