A craze that's blowing up the cell-phones : Sexting!

Just to kind of a w ay to get the ball rolling one needs:

  • sensitivity
  • sobriety
  • subtlety

If you plan on Sexting you may want to put some forethought into it before you 'send.' Simply put without the forethought is like sex without foreplay.

One may want to attempt "Flexting" first which basically is the middle ground between Sexting and Texting. Flexting is a delicate dance move by phone without appearing to eager to get that anticipated response.

With Flexting you will need:

  • timing
  • language
  • format

With "Flexting" you want to avoid abbreviations (lol,ttyl etc...) also avoid emoticons { :-) etc...} and cliche's.  Be conversational and don't be afraid to share your feelings.


If you're in that big of a hurry, feel free to break the rules and fire away, now here's a quickie ( no pun intended) guide to some safe "Sexting" slang to use as to not get caught with your pants down sort of.

  • IWSN - I Want Sex Now
  • K4Y - Kiss for you
  • LMIRL - Let's Meet in Real Life
  • MOOS - Member of the Opposite Sex
  • MOSS - Member of the Same Sex
  • TDTM - Talk Dirty to Me

Attached is a video to master Sexting, alright let's get it on!