It's graduation season across the country. I know right here in St. Cloud many of you graduated this past weekend, and if you are one of them you share your grad date with basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq graduated with his doctoral degree in Education from Barry University on Saturday (May 5th) and is thinking about continuing his education by going to law school.

Shaq commented on his accomplishment by saying "Everyone thinks this is honorary. But this is not honorary. I put in four and a half hard years staying up late at night, studying, reading, rewriting papers Dr. Kopp marked up."

Whether you graduated this past weekend, ten years ago, or you are just finishing your freshman year, I know you can relate to Shaq's statement. College is hard work, but well worth it when you are handed your diploma.

Congrats to all the recent grads, and to those of you still working at it, keep it up.