Admit it, some of you sang that headline in your head.

According to Minnesota DNR, some people in Ely, Minnesota had an uninvited visitor recently. It's bad enough when people just show up at your place but when a black bear actually crawls through you kitchen window, that's a whole different set of circumstances.

In a DNR weekly report, some residents of Ely were shocked to find a black bear in their house. The residents were home at the time and when Conservation Officer Sean Williams went to the home he surmised that he uninvited bear had crawled in though the kitchen window.

The residents of the house were eventually able to get the bear back outside the home and then called for help. They said the black bear seemed to have no fear of people or vehicles and the residents said there was nothing outside that would have attracted the bear.

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Black bears, the only bear species in Minnesota, are naturally wary of people but when there is little natural food around they will approach a home in search of something to eat.

Things that will attract bears to your residence are leaving food outdoors, bird feeders, garbage cans containing food scraps, hummingbird feeders and even grease drippings on your grill.

The DNR recommends that you not leave food outdoors, keep birdfeeders at least 10 feet up and away from trees, replace hummingbird feeders with hanging potted plants which hummingbirds like just as much as the feeders.

Andrew Tri, bear project lead at the DNR told Bring Me The News, "If people aren’t careful and secure their attractants before a bear finds them, then a bear gets a 'food reward' and knows that this house or cabin had some tasty treats and will keep coming back until the food source is gone," he said.

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