My personal view on this is a big YES!  Really, it is unfair that men can and women can't, right?  That's right, I'm rationalizing. Actually, since I'm married, all other women are kind of blurry to me (wink).

Three women from New Hampshire are asking the Supreme court to strike down an ordinance banning women from being topless in public. Their motto is "Free the Nipple". Catchy, isn't it?

It all began when a woman named Ginger was doing her Yoga exercises at the beach while topless. She was arrested for violating the city's  public nudity ordinance. A few days later, to protest, 2 more women went to the beach topless and were also arrested.


All three lost their appeals in New Hampshire courts and are now taking their cases to the Supreme Court. The New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected their case, Public exposure of the female breast "almost invariably conveys sexual overtones," the state court said.

I say, why not?  Truthfully, I find man boobs unpleasant to have to look at. We might as well mix in some good ones.

In early October, the Supreme court will announce whether they will look into the case. We'll keep you abreast! (sorry)

(NBC News)

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