Every Thursday morning, providing Adam sets his alarm, Marcus Theaters, Parkwood 17 manager Adam stops by the studio to let us know what's new on the big screen for the weekend. Just in time for Easter, "Paul.Apostle of Christ" is showing this weekend. Also showing is "Midnight Sun" and just by doing the math, 15 other great movies for you to choose from. I would strongly suggest checking out a movie that is showing in one of their luxurious theaters with the comfy leather recliners. Movie theaters have come a long way in the last ten years. Now you can order a cocktail or a beer, grab a pizza right there in Parkwood and head toward one of those leather recliners and catch a great movie. Might be a good weekend to catch a movie since we have some Winter type stuff predicted. Up and Slightly Adam will be back next Thursday on the morning show to let us know what to expect for Easter weekend releases.

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