ST. CLOUD -- We're now into early December and our lawns are still looking pretty green, thanks to the mild temperatures and lack of any significant snow.

The National Weather Service says here in St. Cloud we've officially had just 2.1 inches of snow so far this season.  Normally we'd have about 8.2 inches of snow by now.  Last year by this date we already had 15.8 inches of snow.

Of course, this is Minnesota, so snowfall is most likely inevitable.  Historically, December has been our third snowiest month in St. Cloud averaging 7.8 inches of snow.

Snowiest months on average in St. Cloud:
#1).  January 8.9"
#2).  March 8.2"
#3).  December 7.8"
#4).  February 7.6"
#5).  November 6.1"
#6).  April 3.0"

St. Cloud averages 42.5 inches of snow each season, which means we've got some catching up to do.

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Snowfall totals in St. Cloud over the past five seasons:
2020 - 2021 45.2"
2019 - 2020 44.7"
2018 - 2019 68.9"
2017 - 2018 62.7"
2016 - 2017 31.9"

As of Thursday, looking ahead in the Weather Channel's 10-day forecast the only two chances for snow are on Sunday at 33 percent and on Tuesday at 44 percent.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

November 2021 really put the "no" in snow, with a majority of the country seeing below-average snowfall last month. The only exceptions were located around the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and Upper Midwest.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service


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