Minnesota is getting it's first Smash Park Entertainment center.

If you are unfamiliar with Smash Park, it's pretty cool.  It's comprised of several areas of entertainment from Pickleball courts- both indoor and outdoor, private Karaoke (not quite sure what that is... go somewhere to sing where no one hears you?) restaurants, party spaces and more.  On their website they say that it can be a different experience each time you go there.

Once other key ingredients were added–like outrageous events, endless games, chef-crafted food and unique cocktails, Smash Park was born.

Smash Park is a place where you can create your own experience and do something completely different every time you visit. And with several free games, activities, and events–it’s an affordable place to spend time with friends, family and co-workers.

The first Smash Park was created in Des Moines, Iowa.  This was before the pandemic in 2018.  Then they expanded to another location in Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska and now moving to Roseville, Minnesota.  They are also planning to open other locations in Illinois and Colorado in the near future.

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The main focus of Smash Park is Pickleball.  This is a sport that has been gaining popularity with every age group.  It started off with mostly an older generation playing so they could get out and get some exercise while doing something fun that wasn't too strenuous.  Now, the sport has gained so much popularity that there are tournaments and participants ages range from kids through senior citizens.  It's fun for everyone.

Each Smash Park location makes sure to involve the community and serve local food and beverages.  They also make it a point to have some sort of community involvement.

The Minneapolis (Roseville) located is planned to open Fall of 2023.  You can see more information on the plans with Bring Me the News.  

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