Smirnoff is apparently trying to resurrect this sort of "drinking" game for the holidays. And wow, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong with this.  Nothing.  (I say very sarcastically).


Here's the deal....

...the act of hiding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and making the lucky recipient of the malt beverage get on one knee and chug the entire contents of the bottle.  

See?  There could be nothing that would go wrong with that idea, right?  But ya know, when you are young, and maybe kind of "dumb" as they say, you might do some "dumb" things.  Smirnoff is even making these boxes for you to give the bottle to someone that you would like to "ice".  The boxes are disguised as other things.  You can see a picture here.  

But hey, if you are into this sort of thing... have at 'er!  Who am I to say that it's not going to be fun, right?  Personally, if I got one of these things...I would just say thank you, and drink it like a normal person.

Happy Holidays!