It's snowing everywhere- so it seems.  Las Vegas had 3 inches of snow.  Wild.  Hawaii saw some snow too, and North Phoenix.  This winter has been crazy.  Here in Minnesota we have had record snowfall.  And yes, this all has to do with climate change.

What's funny is here, yes, some people complain...we're sick of driving in it, no where to put it anymore, blah blah blah.  But these people... there isn't even measurable snow and they are all just losing their minds with this.  Total freak out.  I mean, I get it, it's odd.  But it's the kind of stuff that will never stick around, it's a novelty.  Just look at it and appreciate how cool it looks.  It will be gone in an hour... more than likely.


I feel like if you are a kid who lives in California, and this kind of thing happens, go outside and roll around... snow angels?  Ok, there isn't enough for that.  But still... you have seen actual snow.  There.


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