Now that everyone is doing things online... shopping, banking, using cell phones, even the self checkout at the grocery store and big box stores-- big time saver. Seriously.  Like we can save approximately 2 full weeks a year... if you do it right.

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I know that some people think that when technology takes over, it's a bad thing.  Quite honestly, I get that it can be a bit daunting at times, especially if you aren't used to it, but it can be such a huge time saver.  Like when I use the self check out at the grocery store or at say Target... awesome!  I LOVE it... but there are those things like the computer lady telling me that I didn't put something in the right bag, or I didn't put it there at all.  That can be a bit annoying.  But over all- HUGE time saver.  I'm a big fan of technology.  When it works, that is.  When it doesn't... it's annoying to have to have it fixed... it's usually expensive... and why can't things work the way they are supposed to??

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But all in all technology- big fan!