Yesterday we saw, and almost everyone else who follows Bravo Burrito on Social Media that they had a big announcement to say.  And this is great news for them!  Plus, you get to benefit from this announcement too.

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Yesterday we jokingly asked for people to guess what Bravo's big announcement was going to be... wrong answers only.  And there were some very creative guesses.  You can check them all out here.

Then, late in the day yesterday, as promised, theyhad this announcement:

The Bravo Burrito team is excited to announce that we're being featured on America's Best Restaurants!

Plus, they would like anyone and everyone who loves Bravo Burrito to get something too.  Or at least a chance to win something.  They are giving away 2 $25 gift card to Bravo Burrito!!  If you want to know how to get a chance at winning one of those gift cards, you just have to search out their social media page and follow the instructions.  I will help you out - here is their big announcement with details on what they are giving away and how you could win!

It's great to have restaurants in the area be recognized for their great food.  When people say that all we have here are chicken places, we can give them some other places to enjoy.  But yes, there are like 5 chicken places within about 5 blocks, but there are still plently of other restaurants to enjoy.  And now, also recognized for being great!

If you have never been to Bravo, time to go and check it out

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