Up and Slightly Adam from Parkwood Theaters stopped by the Loon studio this morning to tell us about the new releases for this weekend. First off is a movie called "Tag". Good reviews on this one. Basically, it's about four guys that have a thirty year game of tag going. But there is one of them that has yet to be "it". So the others plan to get him at his wedding and things get crazy.  This would be my pick for the weekend. Next is a Pixar sequel which just happens to come 14 years after the original. "Incredibles 2". good chance many enjoyed the original as a kid and can now bring their kids to see the sequel. this movie is expected to be huge, estimating close to a billion dollars in ticket sales Worldwide. "Superfly" is showing also on limited screens at Parkwood. Do you know where it's not going to be hot and muggy this weekend?  That's right, at the movies.

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