Although Adam from Parkwood Theaters didn't quite make it to the Loon morning show this morning, we still gave away another pair of tickets to what looks to be another bio pic blockbuster, "Rocketman".

"Rocketman" is a bio pic covering the rise to the top of the music business for Elton John. Elton fought for an R rating, not wanting to water down his life story.

This is destined to be a huge blockbuster in the theaters this weekend. Critics are saying even bigger that "Bohemian Rhapsody".  Trailer below

Next up is "MA, Get Home Safe". This movie is about some partying high schoolers that meet a lady, Ma, that gives them a place to party in style. Ma is not what she seems to be and things take a dark turn.  Check out the trailer below.


Finally, if you like monster movies, you'll love this one. "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" promises to please. See trailer below

Buy your tickets online at to insure a seat.

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