To mask or not to mask.  That is the question.  There are so many people on either side of this issue.  And the more you read, the more it seems that no one actually knows what is the right thing to do.  And honestly, I'm not sure why this has become so political.  Seems strange.

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If you are for the mask, you can find oodles and oodles of info in support of wearing one to slow the spread of COVID-19.  If you are against the mask, you can find oodles and oodles of information about why you shouldn't wear one and it's just like using a "chain link fence".  So, what is the right thing to do?

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Retailers are urging governors to set a state mandate to wear the mask.  I have seen videos of people trying to go into stores that have set their own mandate and trying to get by without wearing one.  In short, it doesn't go well.  So, if you are a retail owner or even a retail worker, it would make your life a bit easier so you don't look like the bad guy.  I get that part of it for sure.

When there isn't a state mandate, it opens the door for people to be completely belligerent and cause a scene.  The thing is, the retail worker is just doing their job.  If I was there and didn't want to wear a mask, I would just go elsewhere.  You do have that option.

We will see what happens here in Minnesota.  Governor Walz has been pressured to make a state mandate... it could happen.  Might be a better option than another shut down.  Many businesses might not be able to survive another one of those.

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